Terms & Conditions


  1. a) “Secure Parking Singapore Pte Ltd” trading as Secure Parking and its assigns, successors, servants, agents and contractors.
  2. b) “IU or Access Card” shall mean any form of card or identification devices including IU Number from In-Vehicle-Unit, specified by Secure Parking from time to time including, but not limited to, pass cards, access cards, parking cards, window passes, windscreen tokens or monthly passes.
  3. c) Words importing the singular shall include the plural and vice versa. Words importing gender include every other gender. Words importing persons include bodies corporate and vice versa.
  4. d) Season Parker includes each person who parks the registered vehicle in the Car Park under this agreement.

Subject to this Agreement Secure Parking Singapore Pte Ltd will permit the Season Parker to use and occupy the parking space(s) at the Car Park, in such position as Secure Parking Singapore Pte Ltd at all times determines.

  1. a) To pay in advance to Secure Parking the Monthly Parking Fee by 25th of every calendar month.
  2. b) To observe and conform to all the rules and regulations relating to the use of the Car Park as may be made from time to time by Secure Parking, and to obey all lawful instructions and directions given by Secure Parking and in particular, those applicable to the display of or use of the Pass Card, speed restrictions, traffic flow directions and areas designated as being either “no parking” or “reserved parking” areas.
  3. c) To pay on the signing hereof the Security Deposit which may be applied by Secure Parking toward any costs incurred by Secure Parking due to the default of this Agreement by the Season Parker or towards any Monthly Parking Fee due and unpaid by the Season Parker.
  4. d) To pay on the signing thereof all other applicable fee.
  5. e) No refund to the Season Parker for being charged as hourly parker due to LATE PAYMENT of season parking on or after 1st of every month.
  6. f) For any bounced cheque or unsuccessful GIRO deduction, Secure Parking impose an admin fee of $30.00.

Secure Parking shall be entitled to give the Season Parkers one (1) month’s prior written notice at any time to adjust the Monthly Parking Fee.


Secure Parking shall be entitled to deny the Season Parker access to or egress from the Car Park if the Monthly Parking Fee for any month has not been received by Secure Parking by the first day of that month.

  1. a) Upon payment of all the relevant fees, Season Parker shall be issued with a validated Pass Card which shall remain the property of Secure Parking. Should the Pass Card be stolen, lost or damaged the Season Parker shall pay the then current pass card replacement fee to replace the Pass Card.
  2. b) Should the Season Parker not be in possession of its validated Pass Card when either entering or leaving the Car Park the Season Parker shall be liable to pay the daily parking tariff applicable to casual parking at the Car Park from time to time.

To the extent permitted by law, Secure Parking will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special loss or damage of whatsoever nature suffered by the Season Parker or driver or owner of any vehicle the subject of this Agreement (including without limitation the loss of the vehicle or any damage whatsoever thereto or for the loss of or damage to any of the vehicle’s accessories or contents) howsoever any such loss or damage may be caused or whether by the negligence, omission, act or default of Secure Parking. The terms of this condition shall extend and shall at all times apply whilst the vehicle is parked or otherwise in Secure Parking’s custody or control or whilst it is being moved or driven and shall extend and at all times apply whilst the vehicle is retained by Secure Parking pursuant to the terms and conditions hereof.


The Season Parker agrees that any and all vehicles driven and parked at the Car Park the subject of this Agreement are driven and parked at the risk and responsibility of the Season Parker. To the extent permitted by law, the Season Parker releases and indemnifies Secure Parking from and against any liability, loss, damage, claim or proceeding in respect of any injury or damage howsoever arising and whether direct, indirect, consequential or special or to any person or property (real or personal) and irrespective of whether the same is due to the negligence, omission or default of Secure Parking and irrespective of whether the vehicle is being driven or not at the time of such injury, loss or damage.


As a fundamental and essential term of this Agreement the Season Parker agrees and accepts that Secure Parking does not nor does it have authority to accept any goods or chattels of the Season Parker for safe custody. To the extent permitted by law, Secure Parking will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever to any goods or chattels alleged to have been left with Secure Parking for safe custody howsoever such loss or damage may be caused whether by the negligence or otherwise of Secure Parking or by the negligence or otherwise of any person acting with or without the authority of Secure Parking.


Notwithstanding any demand or request to the contrary Secure Parking shall be entitled to move any vehicle while it is parked in the Car Park by driving it or towing it away, even if it is locked. The vehicle may be moved or driven to such place as Secure Parking deems fit in the case where it is being retained by Secure Parking pursuant to Condition 11 or in any case where the Car Park has to be evacuated in an emergency or closed in whole or in part.


Secure Parking shall have a right of retention of the vehicle or vehicles or any of its accessories or contents until all sums due for parking and/or other services rendered by Secure Parking to the Season Parker have been paid in full. Upon default of payment of any such sums for thirty (30) days following written request for payment, Secure Parking shall be entitled to sell the vehicle and/or the goods or articles therein by auction or otherwise to recoup any monies owing to it. Parking charges will be payable in respect of any period of retention.


This Agreement may be terminated by either party giving one month’s written notice to the other at any time. Upon termination, if there is no payment outstanding, deposit will be refunded by cheque within 4 weeks.

If the Season Parker breaches any term, condition or covenant of this Agreement, Secure Parking may, without prejudice to its rights hereunder, terminate this Agreement by notice in writing with immediate effect.


Time shall be of the essence for the purposes of this Agreement. No time or other indulgence granted by Secure Parking shall constitute a waiver of any of its rights herein or at law and Secure Parking shall not be precluded from exercising any such rights against the Season Parker which may have arisen in the past or which might arise in the future.


Nothing in this Agreement shall create or be construed as creating any bailment or tenancy or conferring any interest upon the Season Parker by way of lease or otherwise in the Car Park or any part thereof.


This Agreement is personal to the Season Parker. The Season Parker may not assign or transfer or in any manner affect the assignment or Transfer of this Agreement.


The conditions of parking displayed at the entrance or within the Car Park shall be deemed to be incorporated in this Agreement so far as they are not varied by or inconsistent with the express terms of this Agreement.


To the extent that any one provision or part of this Agreement is either invalid or unenforceable by any applicable law, such provisions or part shall be ineffective and shall not invalidate or modify the remaining provisions or parts hereof, which shall continue in full force and effect as if the invalid or unenforceable provision or part had not been included herein.